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Hi everyone! It’s the xHamster team! We are so excited to announce a brand new feature for our comments section. We offer a like button feature on comments made under content like videos and photos posted by you and other creators.
This new feature permits the most popular comments to rise to the very top to be shared among fellow creators.

This feature also makes our comments section more interactive for users and content creators. We are thrilled to release this new “Like Comments” feature to both xHamster mobile and desktop.

With Love,
The xHamster Team
Published by xHamster
5 months ago
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Nice feature, I will have to test it out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
My vids are finally up
I like this one as a creator for all those sexy fans that comment with substance.  Sweet!!  XOXO
I just wanna fuck 
to toesuckinggirl : Too bad they will never listen to these suggestions.
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A simple way to bring good comments to the top. Nice job xHamster
Improving Xhamster:

Support free speech for all ideas, never ask for a private ID, bring back photos for everyone, bring back freedom, listen to feedback from your customers. 
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to TheBigStickman : Completely agree! There are so many actual effective improvements that could be made to this site but instead they focus on this pointless stuff.
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I think it would be better to leave ONLY the button of like on content that videos or galleries itself etc also. The button of dislike is not needed there.
to MISTRESS_ANNE : agreed  , its getting some cool  mods here now xx
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Gosh, isnt this so useful & helpful!? Lets not focus any time trying to remove fake accounts or why not ignore the ridiculous hurdles put in front of content-makers, so they feel compelled and inclined to dissolve their accounts, like one girl I was chatting to nearly a fortnight ago

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