xHamster launches its first NFT collection

Hi there xHamster!

It's time we contributed to the development of the crypto industry, so we are thrilled to announce the release of our own xHamster NFT collection.

What are the benefits of owning NFTs?

With our NFTs, all users will be given access to the following bonuses:

  • No more ads on xHamster.com
  • Special badge
  • Unique display for your avatar
  • Unique nickname color
  • Unique pack of stickers
  • WL spot in all our future crypto projects
  • Access to a closed Discord for NFT holders only
  • Lifetime subscription to FapHouse.com
  • Lifetime subscription to xHamsterLive

How to buy NFTs?

  1. Go to our official NFT website
  2. Click the “Connect wallet” button on the main page to connect your Metamask wallet (only Metamask wallets are available). If you do not have a wallet, see how to open it
  3. Select the amount of NFTs you want to purchase.
  4. Make sure you have enough funds to complete the transaction. Press the “Mint” button to purchase the xHamster NFT.
  5. Confirm the purchase in your Metamask wallet when the transaction is over.

How to connect your wallet to your xHamster profile?

  1. Go to the profile page and click "Edit profile"
  2. Select “NFT wallet” in the menu and click "Get started"
  3. In the modal window, select "I already have xHamster NFT" and confirm the binding
  4. It’s done! Go back to your profile and just look at these amazing xHamster NFTs!

Now go and check out this magnificent collection yourself!
Do you have any questions? Follow us on Discord and Twitter.

With Love,
The xHamster Team
Published by xHamster
3 months ago

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